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The Nature of Energy A Force is any kind of push or pull exerted on an object. Gravity is a force which keeps us stuck to the earth. The Electrostatic force attracts electrons to protons in an atom. If you move an object against some force , work is being done. The amount of work ( w ) being done is relative to the distance ( d ) the object is moved and the strength of the force ( F ) against the object: w = F * d Energy , in the form of work, must be used to move an object against a force. When we do work, our body temperature increases (and we sweat to cool us down).
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Unformatted text preview: Our bodies are generating Heat energy. Heat is an energy which is transferred from one object to another depending on the relative temperature: Heat energy flows from an object towards other objects of lower temperature Energy is the capacity to do work or to transfer heat Objects can possess energy due to their motions and positions , as kinetic energy and potential energy ....
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