The Rigid Rotor - . The Schrdinger equation is (cf....

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The Rigid Rotor The rigid rotor is a simple model of a rotating diatomic molecule. We consider the diatomic to consist of two point masses at a fixed internuclear distance. We then reduce the model to a one-dimensional system by considering the rigid rotor to have one mass fixed at the origin, which is orbited by the reduced mass , at a distance
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Unformatted text preview: . The Schrdinger equation is (cf. McQuarrie [ 1 ], section 6.4 for a clear explanation) (123) After a little effort, the eigenfunctions can be shown to be the spherical harmonics , defined by (124) where are the associated Legendre functions. The eigenvalues are simply (125) Each energy level is -fold degenerate in , since can have values ....
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