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CHEMISTRY STAR TEST STUDY GUIDE P HYSICAL P ROPERTIES OF G ASES Identify the 5 assumptions of Kinetic Molecular Theory. Explain the difference between real and ideal gases. What characteristics of real gases conflict with KMT? What conditions favor ideal gas behavior and why? Identify the common characteristics of gases. Define STP and make temperature and pressure conversions. T HE G AS L AWS Which properties are involved and what is their relationship? Calculate and predict using the gas laws.
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Unformatted text preview: ♦ Explain real-world applications of the gas laws. I DEAL G AS L AW ♦ Define Avogadro’s Principle. ♦ Solve problems using the Ideal Gas Law. G AS S TOICHIOMETRY AT N ON-STP ♦ Solve gas stoichiometry problems at non-STP. T WO M ORE L AWS ♦ Define diffusion, effusion, Dalton’s Law, and Graham’s Law. ♦ Solve gas collection problems using Dalton’s Law. ♦ Use Graham’s Law to find… • the relative rate of diffusion for two gases. • the average speed of a gas. • the molar mass of an unknown gas....
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