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geo extra credit - hand has a thin rocky soil and also has...

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Jasmine Hill October 21, 2011 GEO 101 Housel Andrew Miller Colloquium Andrew Miller, a professor at the Miami University Middletown campus, addressed the issue of setting up a landslide index to predict future landslides in his talked called “ Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Utilizing Landsat Imagery” . While working on his PhD in Costa Rica, he realized that a lot of the houses and road structures were being built in areas prone to landslides. A combination of lack of knowledge and a scarcity of building inspectors has led to concrete lattices as the only form of braces. In this region, Dr. Miller used a red/green band index to find highly susceptible locations. His were extremely accurate and proved his idea that most of the concepts were taking place at the base of slopes. Miller then moved onto an area with completely different soil structure: Jackson Hole, WY. Costa Rica has a clay based soil that retains water very easily. Jackson Hole on the other
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Unformatted text preview: hand has a thin, rocky soil and also has a lot of exposed basement rock. When Dr. Miller was unable to perform a red/green index because of satellite deficiencies, he instead tried a Feldspar ratio. When Feldspar comes into contact with water it disintegrates therefore showing areas of high water content. This test also came because with extremely accurate and predictable results. Now Dr. Miller faces the dilemma of which index is more precise. It will be interesting to see which way he goes with his tests. It is hard to determine if the Feldspar only worked so well in Jackson Hole because the soil there does not retain water well. Also, if Jackson Hole had issues with their data systems then there is a high chance that other locations could not be able to use the red/green bands also. It will be interesting to see if Dr. Miller decides to use the indices in other locations or if he choosing one of the two based on his own judgment....
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