geo study guide exam one

geo study guide exam one - Distance Decay Function rate at...

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Distance Decay Function : rate at which the activity diminishes the further you are from a particular location Economies of scale : increase in efficiency as you produce things in larger quantities Formal region : used to outline governmental, physical, cultural, and economic areas Friction of distance : deterrent of inhibiting effect of distance on human activity- the more expensive the less people do it Functional region : characterized by a function; example city limits or drainage region GIS/GPS : geographic information system- merging of statistical analysis and databases Globalization : the act of extending to other or all parts of the world; expansion of old or creation of new networks Human geography : the study of the world, its people, communities, and culture Neoliberal policies : stresses efficiency of private enterprises; has market driven policies and social characteristics Physical geography : process and patterns of the natural environment Place : an area with definite and indefinite boundaries or a portion of space Region : Regional geography : study of world regions, techniques of delineating space within regions Remote sensing : acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon, without making physical contact with the object Scale : Site/situation : site is the actual physical location/ situation is relative to another activity or place Spatial analysis : formal techniques which studies topological, geometric, or geographic
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geo study guide exam one - Distance Decay Function rate at...

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