Assignment 6 - Jasmine Hill BLS 465 Assignment #6-...

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Jasmine Hill BLS 465 Assignment #6- Sadhu/Sisyphus The lesson of Sadhu explains the idea that each action an individual makes may not only affect them. In this scenario, each individual continued to pass on the sadhu because they thought others could pick up their slack. This is putting total reliance on someone else’s actions which is extremely risky. In the corporate world if someone were to use the excuse that they did not finish a task because they thought their coworker would take care of it, they would more than likely be fired. However, outside of a working environment this reliance becomes more ethics based. Each group should have been willing to care for the sadhu as long as physically possible. Once their own life became in danger then I would understand passing along the sadhu to someone else. Before that though, I do not think that anyone should be okay with just passing along the life of another human being. If this would have been some inanimate object it would be more understanding but the fact that these groups of hikers continued to pass around a sickly body instead of taking the full responsibility is rather selfish. I think the main moral of this story is at what point it is okay to move on from a situation. Should you stay with the sadhu the entire time no matter what? Should you stay until you have risked as much of your life and supplies as possible? Or do you not take responsibility for the situation at all? In my opinion, unless your life is endangered then you should have taken every action possible to save another human being’s
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Assignment 6 - Jasmine Hill BLS 465 Assignment #6-...

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