Assignment 10A

Assignment 10A - Jasmine Hill BLS 465 Assignment#10A...

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Jasmine Hill BLS 465 Assignment #10A- Goodpaster Analysis In the first diagram, Goodpaster discusses that a manager should have dual roles of managing the external environment and internal environment as they relate to the organization. External examples being environmental safety and moral advertising and internal examples are worker safety and fair hiring policies. I think that our mission statement addresses both of these factors. Externally we state “superior customer service” and we also say that we build our relationships with the community a large through trust and dedication. If one would solely read our mission statement and know nothing else of our company, it sounds as if our managers would be expected to focus largely on the external environment. Internally we discuss the quality of our products. Quality is also a core value that would company has. We believe that by having strong products we will be able to create and maintain the external relationships we want to achieve. The second diagram introduces ethics into the role of the general manager. A corporation
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Assignment 10A - Jasmine Hill BLS 465 Assignment#10A...

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