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Unformatted text preview: Jasmine Hill BLS 465 Assignment #10B- A View from the Trenches Fellow employees: It has come to my attention that many of you, especially those in manager positions, may be struggling with some of the ethics and standards that our company sets for you. I understand that there may be some sort of imbalance between what is ethically right and what pressures you are feeling. I have been doing some research on this topic and I want to try to extend to you some possible solutions. The article “A View from the Trenches” by Badaracco and Webb explains four common situations that young managers seem to be continuously finding themselves in. They included: 1) Performance is what really counts, so make your numbers, 2) Be loyal and show us that you’re a team player, 3) Don’t break the law, and 4) Don’t over-invest in ethical behavior. I want you to know that our company does not want you in any way to feel like these four scenarios are true to you. That being said, I understand that there are many situations where you scenarios are true to you....
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