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Leadership Profile - consider me to be very driven and...

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Leadership Profile: Jasmine Hill has been with BioSport for the past 15 years of her career, originally joining the company as an entry level accountant. Working her way through the internal audit department, she previously held the position of controller for five years. Only two years ago Jasmine took the role as Chief Financial Officer. Jasmine obtained her CPA after graduating from Miami University in 2012 with a major in accountancy. Her strong connection to the community through her involvement in various organizations and volunteer groups is a key asset to BioSport. Reflection for Networking: I would like to think that I maintain a healthy balance between my work and home life and I try not to lose or change my personality when it comes to work situations. Friends and family
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Unformatted text preview: consider me to be very driven and hardworking. I believe that I go into every situation giving my full effort. I would never have been able to obtain or be successful in leadership positions throughout my life if I would not have been so determined to succeed. Also, I consider myself to have very strong ethical values. I take a lot of pride in the personal relationships that I have built. I could never imagine myself doing anything to step on or intentionally hurt someone else. Because of these relationships, I am also able to connect with people at work and understand multiple viewpoints. Those close to me also find me to be very reliable. This allows for others to be able to trust me and take me more seriously....
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