topic 6 - Be Attentive: - The ethical actor in this problem...

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Be Attentive: - The ethical actor in this problem is the individual work groups. Even though I as the CFO have the choice to make the action to investigate the supply issue, the workers are the one who are actually making the decision to take suppliers or not. Stakeholders: 1. Me, as the CFO: I have the duty to ensure that we are not using unecessary supplies 2. Company as a whole: we need to run a company that sticks to the guidelines we set and also does not spend money inefficiently 3. Other work groups: if some groups are using too many supplies it may leave others short but also make them jealous and create animosity in the work environment 4. Shareholders: shareholders want the highest returns so we need to try to cut expenses as much as possible Assumptions: - I am assuming that sales have been consistent so an increase in sales would not be a cause of increase in supply use. - I am also assuming that one person in each group is in charge of ordering supplies each time. Be Intelligent: The issue here is what can I do as the CFO to determine whether or not employees are misusing the supply cabinet. Values in Tension: - Rationality is in tension because I do not want to immediately assume the worse of employees but there is not logical explanation for why more supplies are being used than normal. -Equality is in tension because there needs to be a work environment where all employees are receiving the same rewards. Also, those employees not performing ethically or within company policy should not be treated the same as those acting properly. - Autonomity becomes an issue because as a superior I want my employees to feel that they can act freely and make their own decisions but if people are stealing I will have to put more restrictions in place for everyone. Be Reasonable: The three options that seem most logical are to institute a policy where a supply budget can only be increased by approval, institute a policy where an employee has to sign in each time supplies are taken, or to talk to the leaders of work groups to determine where there has been change. The option to send out a companywide e-mail is too passive aggressive to consider. Each of these three options shows that I, as the CFO, am taking action to meet my responsibilities to the company. All of these options would lead me to eventually finding the problem or individual culprits. When instituting new policies, you have to consider the rights of the employees. Placing a budget on work groups may make
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topic 6 - Be Attentive: - The ethical actor in this problem...

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