topic 8 - The ethical actor in this problem is me as the...

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The ethical actor in this problem is me as the CFO because I have now been given the information to make a decision about the situation. Stakeholders: 1. The accounting department: may be distracted or feel uncomfortable 2. Homeless woman: consider that we are helping her 3. Community: depending on our actions their view of our company could change 4. Shareholders: an extra expense and could reduce productivity Assumptions: - I am assuming that the company does not consider helping this homeless woman as a charity or donation. - I am assuming that the secretary has done all she could to handle this situation before coming to me. The issue with this problem is determining if it is best for the whole company if we ask this homeless woman to stop using our facilities. -Sensibility is in tension because you want to help a homeless person but then again you have to consider the comfort level of the employees. - Autonomity is in tension because if you help this one homeless woman then will more of the homeless community attempt to come into our facilities. - Rationality is in tension because although this is an easy way to give back to the community it may not be the most ethical or beneficial option. Requesting that the homeless woman should leave would meet the rights of the employees to feel comfortable in their work environment. Another right we have to consider is that this woman is using company supplies and is causing an extra expense to the company as a whole. This option will not look that good to the general public. It looks like we are just pushing someone who could use our help away. By offering the woman a small job it would give her a purpose for being at our company. Also,
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topic 8 - The ethical actor in this problem is me as the...

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