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ACC 333 Project - BACKGROUND When applying to colleges my...

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BACKGROUND When applying to colleges my senior year of high school, I had two choices: Miami University and the University of Tennessee. At the time expenses were not as much of a concern as personal preference was. Looking back into the costs and reputations of each school I want to analyze if I made the best decision at that time. CONCLUSIONS To acquire an idea of yearly costs for attending college I used a combination of costs from my personal experience and information collected from both university websites. After compiling the total costs for four years for both schools, the University of Tennessee was $35,447 more expensive than Miami University. Since costs vary each year depending on different living situations, I then divided the costs to each year and performed an NPV calculation. From this calculation, Miami University was only cheaper by $27,915. This result is because most of Miami’s costs were incurred in the first two years making those years have a heavier weight on the total NPV. RECOMMENDATION Overall Miami University is the best choice for school. Miami is not only cheaper than Tennessee but its reputation is much better than that of the University of Tennessee. Miami University definitely offers a better education at a more reasonable price.
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When I was deciding where to attend college my senior year of high school, I really only had two choices, University of Tennessee and Miami University. My best friend was also going to the University of Tennessee also. I had already sent in my acceptance to UT and sent in my money so I could receive my room assignment for the following fall. Shortly after spring break my senior year, I received a letter for Miami saying that I was receiving more scholarship money from them because I was in state. I made my final decision based solely on tuition. I am curious to look at with all costs included, such as books and parking fees, whether or not Miami was ultimately the best choice for me. Obviously the largest quantitative factor to consider is tuition. Similar factors include room and board, textbooks, laptop, parking passes and application fees. One thing I never would have considered until just recently was the cost of off campus living. Oxford real estate can be
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This note was uploaded on 11/23/2011 for the course ACC 333 taught by Professor Brewer during the Summer '08 term at Miami University.

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ACC 333 Project - BACKGROUND When applying to colleges my...

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