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FSW 365 Richelle Frabotta October 26 th , 2011 Miami University Spectrum Meeting Spectrum is an organization on Miami University’s campus that was established in order to create a more positive environment for all sexualities. Aside from their weekly meetings, they participate in Awareness Week, National Coming Out Day, and Drag Shows. Probably Spectrum’s most notable event is their Pride Panels. At the Pride Panels, members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied community volunteer to share their experiences and answer the questions of audience members. I come from a pretty modest background and I consider myself to be relatively sheltered. My mom was raised Presbyterian and by dad was raised Catholic. Although I myself am not religiously affiliated I never realized until college how much of a conservative influence my parents’ upbringing had on the things I experiences. If someone were to come out as a homosexual on my dad’s side of the family I could easily see them being cut off. My mom’s side I could see being a little more liberal but I feel that it would be seen as a joke and not as something serious and emotional. On top of that, I graduated from high school with roughly 300 other students. Of those 300, there were two African American students and possibly one boy who was questioning his sexuality at the time. Putting myself in a room where I was the only Caucasian person would make me feel uncomfortable let alone putting myself in a room of individuals who were LGBT. Spectrum gave me this opportunity. As I walked into the Spectrum meeting this past Wednesday I had no idea what to expect. The first thing I noticed as I was sitting down was a spectrum of color: from hair color to vibrant
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This note was uploaded on 11/23/2011 for the course FSW 365 taught by Professor Traylor during the Fall '08 term at Miami University.

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Paper Redo - Jasmine Hill FSW 365 Richelle Frabotta October...

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