KNH Final - Wii Fit Jasmine Hill KNH 120 December 1st, 2011...

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Wii Fit Jasmine Hill KNH 120 December 1 st , 2011
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A new trend in fitness over the years has been at home programs. With a faster paced lifestyle and most families consisting of most two working parents, Americans are struggling to find time to exercise. TV ads constantly show new work out videos and at home weight equipment that provide you with a quick, gym-free experience. An even fresher trend is the “exergame”. Exergaming is an active form of playing video games used as exercise. Wii Fit was first released in December of 2007 and since has been modified to Wii Fit Plus. Four the past four years, millions all over the world have welcomed Wii Fit and its various games into their living rooms. Wii Fit had a specific demographic at its inception: women. The VP of marketing and sales for Nintendo of American, a women herself, realized that most people blogging about the original Wii console were moms (Bulik). The marketing department urged women to hold trial “Wii Fit parties” to promote their product into American homes (Bulik). With a price of $90 for the balance board plus considering additional costs for various games and the console itself (around $200), families must have a relatively high expendable income to be able to afford Wii Fit. If you consider the long term cost of the game however, this can be a cheaper alternative than paying for a monthly gym membership. Either way, moms everywhere picked up on the new exercise style and began snatching up the game to promote a healthier lifestyle in their homes. Unexpectedly, the older adult community picked up on the accessibility of Wii Fit and it is now incorporated in nursing homes and local gyms. It can now be said that Wii Fit is marketed to all age groups. To achieve a full Wii Fit experience, there are multiple components one can use.
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KNH Final - Wii Fit Jasmine Hill KNH 120 December 1st, 2011...

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