ThesisProjectManagement-Sample - PROJECT MANAGEMENT...

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Unformatted text preview: PROJECT MANAGEMENT DOCUMENT FOR YOUR THESIS Goal: To learn if there is any advantage to using clickers over flash cards to implement Peer Instruction Objectives: (what specific activities must you undertake and complete to realize your goal) Find a student population to study Decide how to divide population into test and control groups Acquire clickers and flash cards Find an assessment tool and decide how to implement it Use assessment tool in both control and test groups Compile results of assessment Use statistical analysis to analyze normalized gain Draw conclusions on the magnitude of the effect. Timeline: (What time order will your objectives be completed) Items are done in order listed, except that finding an assessment tool can be done while identifying Technical Requirements (What must you do specificially to accomplish each objective) Description of your proposed research sample (type of students, rough numbers) The students are at a 4 year canadian college. They come from a middle class...
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ThesisProjectManagement-Sample - PROJECT MANAGEMENT...

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