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PROJECT MANAGEMENT DOCUMENT FOR YOUR THESIS Goal: (at most three sentences summarizing your desired result) Objectives: (what specific activities must you undertake and complete to realize your goal) Timeline: (What time order will your objectives be completed) Technical Requirements (What must you do specificially to accomplish each objective) Technical requirements you must write down before mid July: Description of your proposed research sample (type of students, rough numbers) Description of your research procedure (how will you acomplish your research. Be specific as possible) Description of your assessment instrument (do NOT reinvent the wheel. Use a tested instrument, and find out how it has been tested) Risk management
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Unformatted text preview: Lists of possible problems you may encounter. Each problem should be ranked as minor, important, critical. Lists of contingency plans for each problem. Background Material (AKA Literature review) Compilation of the literature on your problem. It should include all significant past work, including some of the work showing that your assessment device has been shown to be valid. Contrast the past work with what you plan to do: different technique, different research sample population, etc This is all due July 10. Even if your teaching assignment is unclear, you should make a good guess and write this document based on that. Under contingency plans you add what you will do if your assignment changes....
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