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Unformatted text preview: FEELINGS ARE VERY IMPORTANT IMPORTANT BY JOAN CLARK FANCY FARM FEELINGS FEELINGS WHEN YOU ARE FEELING ANGRY OR UPSET 1. GO INSIDE YOUR SHELL 2. TAKE SOME DEEP BREATHS AND RELAX 3. THINK OF A GOOD PLAN TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM FEELINGS FEELINGS HELPING KIDS HANDLE ANGER BE SELF CONTROLLED START WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE RELAX DO SOMETHING ACTIVE DO THINGS YOU ENJOY FORGIVE AND FORGET SET GOALS SEE YOURSELF SUCCEEDING IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME! THINK ABOUT THOUGHTS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY. What do you enjoy doing? GET INVOLVED! HANDLING BUGS HANDLING IT BUGS ME WHEN IT SOMEONE: CALLS ME NAMES. CALLS VENT YOUR FRUSTRATIONS. SELF TALK IS CALMING. SELF ANGER ONLY CAUSES MORE ANGER PROBLEMS. PROBLEMS. I NEED A COOLING OFF PERIOD. WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER WHAT PERSON’S FEELINGS? PERSON’S AM I MAD BECAUSE I DIDN’T GET AM MY WAY! MY THERE HAS TO BE A GOOD THERE SOLUTION SOLUTION THE MAIN FOCUS THE KEEP THE PROBLEM FROM HAPPENING KEEP AGAIN. AGAIN. USE LANGUAGE AS A TOOL TO SOLVE USE NEGATIVE INTERACTIONS, USING “I” messages and problem-solving steps. messages Provide opportunities for cooperative group Provide work. work. Help students take responsibility for their own Help behavior and develop a plan with the help of the teacher or peers. teacher Limit the amount of instructional time spent on Limit petty problems during the week. petty Achieve Achieve Have An “I Already Have It” Attitude. Have Love Yourself. Love Affirmations stated daily: I am achieving…I am important. I am likable…I am working hard. I am interesting…I am friendly. I am socially acceptable. Plan to have a Great Day! Plan Replace negative thoughts Replace with happy thoughts. with Smile. Be friendly. Write wonderful thoughts about friends. Look for the good in people. Be cheerful. Make a happy poster. In Every Cloud There Is a Silver Lining Silver IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO IF ME!!!!! ME!!!!! ...
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