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Unformatted text preview: THE WORLD OF LIVING THINGS Mrs. Janice Crum Cuba Elementary SCIENCE 4th Grade Living c e lls are made u p o f… Single cell Many celled What are c e lls ? The basic unit of The structure and function of living things. living COMMON TO ALL CELLS Cell membrane – encloses and Cell gives the cell shape gives Cytoplasm – jelly-like substance Cytoplasm that takes up space in a cell that CELL PARTS FOUND ONLY IN PLANT CELLS … Cell wall Chloroplast Chloroplast Animals are c las s ifie d a c c o rding to “bo dy plan” as … Simple Simple Animals Complex Complex Animals Animals Animals are c las s ifie d a c c o rding to “bo dy s truc ture ” as … Ve rte brate Inve rte brate ONE CELLED LIVING THINGS Microorganism S imple and Co mple x Animals Simple Animal Sponge – baglike Sponge shape shape Earthworm – Earthworm tube like shape tube Complex Snail – more body Snail parts, distinct head with tentacles and eyes eyes Ve rte brate s Birds Birds Snakes Bats Bats Humans Hu...
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