S arthropods mollusks ants spiders crabs worms

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Unformatted text preview: mans Inve rte brate s Arthropods Mollusks Ants, spiders, crabs Worms Sponges A s e e d is … A plant part from which a plant new plant can grow. new Two kinds o f plants that make s e e ds … Cone bearing – Cone produce unprotected seed seed Fruit bearing-protected Fung i is … Single celled or many celled Single living things that cannot make their own food. their Fung i Mushroom Yeast Mold Mildew Fung i parts … Hyphae – anchors the Hyphae fungus fungus Spore – cell that can Spore grow into a new fungus grow Yo u are a living thing to o … Made up of Made complex cells complex Vertebrate Vertebrate Special needs to Special live in your environment environment Wo rld o f Living Thing s Chapte r One The End...
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