Symcallred - Lesson L esson 3 Review Animal Characteristics Mrs Allred 4th Grade Science Question 1 Question 1 All of the following are TRUE about

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Unformatted text preview: Lesson # L esson 3 Review Animal Characteristics Mrs. Allred 4th Grade Science October 14, 2002 Question 1 Question 1 All of the following are TRUE about animals EXCEPT: B. All animals A. Animals are move in some made of many way. cells. C. Animals produce offspring D. Animals make their own food. Question 2 Question 2 The reasons animals move are to: A. Find food B. Find mates C. Escape danger and find new homes D. All of the above Question 3 A n animal WITHOUT a backbone An is called: is A. SPINELESS A. SPINELESS C. A VERTEBRATE B. AN INVERTEBRAT E D. A PRODUCER Question 4 Question 4 The way an animal’s body parts match up around a point or central line is called: A. SYMMETRY C. EVEN B. DECOMPOSE R D. MATCHING Question 5 Question 5 The steps by which energy flows among a group of organisms is called: a. SHARING b. FOOD CHAIN c. hABITAT D. OVERPOPULATION Question 6 Question 6 What is the role of a decomposer? A. Use sunlight to make food. C. Trap chlorophyll B. Break apart the sugars in a leaf D. Break down dead organisms Question 7 Question Bilateral Symmetry is: A . An animal without A. a backbone backbone B. Made of chlorophyll C. An animal that only C. has 2 sides, which are mirror images. are D. Using oxygen to turn D. food into energy food QUESTION #8 QUESTION Body parts which extend outward from a Body central point is: central A. SPHERICA L SYMMETR Y C. RADIAL SYMMETR B. BILATERAL SYMMETRY D. NO SYMMETRY QUESTION #9 QUESTION All animals have symmetry. T or All F TRUE FALSE Key Key 1) D 2) D 3) B 4) A 5) B 6) D 7) C 8) C 9) F ...
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