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Unformatted text preview: Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions Adapted From a Presentation Created by Rock Ledge Elementary Fine Art Program, Seymour, WI Original Source: How you remember him… How ► Lived and worked in Italy in the 1400s ► Famous artist Painted The Mona Lisa Studied and observed the human body and physical proportions to make his drawings and paintings extremely accurate What you might not know… What you might not know… ► Besides being an artist, Leonardo Da Vinci was very interested in anatomy, science, math, astronomy, psychology, architecture, and engineering. ► He became an expert in many of these fields and came up with ideas that were hundreds of years ahead of his time. Inventions Inventions ► Da Vinci worked for the Duke of Milan, Italy as an engineer. He designed bridges, military equipment and weapons, and other machinery that could be used during wartime. What do you think this was meant to be? Other war inventions Other war inventions What modern machine does this remind you of? ► Scientists today think that Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches and plans for his “Flying ornithopter” inspired the flying machine we have today… What will your machine do? What will your machine do? ► Break an egg for breakfast ► Turn down the volume on a stereo ► Open a door to let the dog out ► Unveil an artwork ► Flush the toilet ► Shoot a basketball through the hoop ► Start the toaster to make toast ► Preheat the oven to make cookies ...
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