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Composition: Level 1: I can make and change sounds. I choose sounds to represent your teacher’s ideas. Level 2: I can organise sounds in simple structures (e.g. beginning, middle, end). I compose using a starting point from the teacher. I improve my own work. Level 3: I combine several layers of sound on purpose for effect. I make improvements to my work, talking about how it was supposed to sound. I can improvise repeated patterns. Level 4: I use improvisation to develop ideas. I suggest improvements to my own work, saying whether it sounded like I wanted it to. Level 5: I can experiment with techniques used by other composers. I can use a variety of notations. I can compose music for a variety of occasions. I can compose melodies, rhythms, chords and structures. I refine and improve my work. Level 6: I use suitable notations to plan, revise and refine my work. I can improvise and compose in different genres and styles, I can use techniques other composers have used. Performance: Level 1: I can use the voice in different ways. I perform with an awareness of others. Level 2: I keep to a steady pulse. I perform simple patterns and accompaniments. Level 3: I perform music expressively. I sing in tune. I perform simple rhythmic parts using a small number of notes. Level 4: I perform from simple notations. I perform your own part and I am aware of how all the parts fit together. Level 5: I can perform my own part from memory. I can perform from notations. I can explain your role in a performance (leading/solo part/support). I can improvise over given music.
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child_friendly_music_levels - Composition: Level 1: I can...

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