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Behaviour checklist _______________ YES NO 1. Have I behaved appropriately during assembly?          2. Have I sat still during lessons?  3. Have I not called out while my teacher was teaching? 4. Have I looked at, and listened to my teacher while she was       teaching? 5. Have I kept my feet still and not kicked anyone by      accident? 6. Have I put my hand up when I wanted to ask a question? 7. Have I completed all the work my teacher gave me to do?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Have I completed all my work on time? 9. Have I walked down the corridor sensibly? 10. Have I not hurt (pinched, pushed or kicked) another child? 11. Have I listened to dinner ladies and other adults? 12. Have I been polite and helpful today? STICKERS EARNED TODAY!!!! 8 Achieved- 1 sticker!!!! 10 Achieved- 2 stickers!!!! 12 Achieved-3 stickers...
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