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Statement_Review_Checklist - Parents views will be recorded...

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Statement Reviews When a pupil gets a statement we have to have annual reviews which review the progress of the pupil. The paperwork is sent to County Special Education Team. (CSET) This is a list of information you need to have ready for a statement review. Read previous review which should be in SEN file Name, address, telephone number, year group, class size Details of support provided Size of group Frequency and duration Staffed by Programmes followed Non-educational support that the child receives such as speech therapy, physiotherapy or counselling Look at targets from last review Target set at last review Progress made Levels for pupil English levels in Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing Maths level Science level Strengths of the pupil Weaknesses of the pupil Sensory or medical needs
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A comment on pupil’s social and interpersonal skills
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Unformatted text preview: Parents views will be recorded at the meeting- often parents bring notes to the meeting • Pupil viewpoint. This can be written down or recorded through a conversation with pupil. Pupil’s views of the past years progress Pupil’s aspirations for the future • New targets for this pupil for the coming year • Think about if it is appropriate to amend, cease or maintain the statement. • Please give any details of any significant changes in pupil’s circumstances since last review. This could be a change in school, family breakdown etc. • Do we need any additional advice to meet child’s needs? • Head teacher puts summary at end of review. PLEASE HAVE NOTES ready for review meeting . Any extra notes you wish to type up can be added to form. Notes from Teaching assistants are also very useful at review meetings. Thank you SENCO...
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Statement_Review_Checklist - Parents views will be recorded...

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