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Brewood C of E Middle School SEN Monitoring and Evaluation sheet for IEP Reviews. Child’s Name   __________________________________________ Date:_______________ Class _______ IEP Area of Concern. _____________________________________ Professional Person ____________________ Additional comments and observations you wish to make Support Strategies Tried worked Did not work Future support Age appropriate texts Simplified vocabulary on sheet Use of pictures/diagrams  Use of writing frames Use of modelling Tape recorded texts Text/questions read to child Use of Amanuensis/scribe Use of laptop/ICT Teachers’/child’s notes photocopied
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Unformatted text preview: More able peer support/study buddy Appropriate seating 1:1 TA guidance/support during task Oral response instead of written Group work support provided Extended input from teacher Use of vocabulary lists Summary cards Additional time Clear lesson objectives Oral instructions repeated Reward for achievements given Reinforcement of listening skills given Use of specific SEN resources – please state Other strategies – please list Miss. H. J. Watson. January 2006 Brewood C of E Middle School SEN Monitoring and Evaluation sheet for IEP Reviews. Miss. H. J. Watson. January 2006...
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support_strategies_evaluation - More able peer...

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