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5T’s Class Assembly on The Chinese New Year Hannah and David to add more details Reader 1 ____________________ Good morning. Today is the Thursday 10 th of February and Yesturday 9 th February was a special day. It was the first day of the Chinese New Year. Reader 2 ____________________ Most people here celebrate New Year on the 1st. of January, but Chinese people celebrate it on a different day each year. They celebrate it on the day of the second new moon, after December 22nd., which this year is today. If you look out of the window tonight, the moon will look very small. Reader 3 ___________________ The Chinese celebrate for 15 days. They have fireworks, coloured lanterns, dragon processions, delicious food - and maybe best of all - the children are given money in special red envelopes! Reader 4 ___________________ The Chinese also call the years after animals. Today is the beginning of the Year of the Rooster. The years are named after 12 different animals. We are going to show you how the 12 animals were chosen. 1
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ALIYA : NARRATOR 1: It was nearly New Year. Twelve animals were arguing. There was - a dog, a pig, a rat, an ox, a tiger, a hare, a dragon, a snake, a horse, a ram, a cockerel and a monkey. NATASHA : NARRATOR 2: They thought the New Year should have a name. They were arguing because each animal wanted the year to be named after itself. The monkey, the dragon and the dog started the argument. SHIVANI : DRAGON: This year should be called The Year of the Dragon, because I'm the fiercest . (ROARS. BREATHES FIRE.), SIMRAN: MONKEY: (SCAMPERS OUT OF THE WAY OF THE FLAMES.) No, it should be called The Year of the Monkey, because I'm the quickest. SAMI : DOG: (RUNS BEHIND TREE.) No, no. It should be called The Year of the Dog, because I'm the cleverest. DRAGON + MONKEY: Oh no you're not! DOG: Oh yes I am! (barks) NARRATOR 1: They argued for hours. All the other animals joined in too. CHANEL : RAT: (SQUEAKING) It should be me as I’m the sneakiest! ISHPAL : SNAKE: (HISSING) So what, I’m super smart. ROBERT : TIGER: (GROWLING) I’m the strongest and sleekest of all of you. ELLIE : OX : (BOOMING) I’m stronger than you. LAURA : HORSE: (NEIGHING) No – ooo you’re not. MOHAMMED : SHEEP: (BAAING) But I can buck higher than you! NARRATOR 1: There was so much growling and barking and squeaking and bleating that they disturbed the Chinese gods. ANIMALS: (BARK, SQUEAK, ROAR etc.) REMY : GOD 1: Whatever is the matter with those animals?
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