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Underarm throws Throwing within a space Net/wall games Musical Throws How to play the game: Start with equal amount of equipment on each side – when the music starts, throw equipment to the  other side of the bench using underarm throws. Any equipment which goes outside the square should be  left there. When the music stops, children should stop throwing. Count how many objects there are on  each side. The team with the least amount of objects on their side get a point. Start the music again and 
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Unformatted text preview: repeat. Safety! 1. Ensure children are aware of the others around them. 2. Throws must be underarm and controlled. 3. Children must not aim for other children. 4. Children must not go outside the area. Equipment • Bench or other barrier. • A range of throwing equipment e.g. quoits, beanbags, balls etc. • Stereo and CD Children should previously have had experience of: • Throwing different equipment with an underarm throw. • Throwing over a barrier...
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