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Topic: Tennis balls Year level/s: Grade Two Number of students: 20-25 Context for the lesson: Aims: For students to improve fundamental motor movements associated with agility. For students to attempt catching and throwing whilst incorporating agility and movement. To incorporate these skill into games so the students can learn whilst enjoying competitive and all other aspects of life long sport and physical activity. “ In Physical education classes place more greater emphasis on activities that can be enjoyed over a lifetime.”( U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services 1999 pg214) By having this aim it is promoting aspects of all sport, ie team work, competitive nature and is teaching the skill to many sports. To combine last 3 lesson together and have student progress. Mosston and Ashworth (2003 pg213-215) suggest in order for young children to develop basic skills should be taught in stages and them combined. This will help student’s progress thus helping them to enjoy them selves. Expected learning outcomes: Preparation: 2 Tennis ball for every student 2 Low beam poll One large Exercise ball or cage ball you have it. 4 buckets Procedures: Warm up: Follow the leader Teacher is the leader Every one must have a ball in there hand Explain that if you bounce the ball without the leader doing so, there will be a punishment for that or those people. Lead Takes students around gym/playground. Making sure they are running hoping, jumping Crocodile Hunter continued and doing al sorts of weaving. Each student will have a ball in there hand.
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RG_tennisballlesson - Topic Tennis balls Year level/s Grade...

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