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Rolling at a target Defending a goal Invasion games Skittleball How to play the game: The aim is to knock down all the skittles on the opposite side of the rectangle. Each team starts with 2  balls and bowl at the same time aiming at the skittles. They are allowed to defend the skittles by  standing in front of them but not touching them. Bowlers are not allowed outside the rectangle, if the  ball goes out of the area, the ball collector will get the ball and give it back to a team member. Bowlers  are not allowed past the middle line. The game ends when one team have knocked down the other team’s 
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Unformatted text preview: skittles. Safety! 1. Ensure groups are set out well apart. 2. Remind children of the need to be aware of others and to stay inside the area. 3. Balls must stay on the ground to avoid children being hit by flying balls. Equipment • 4 different balls • 8 skittles (plastic bottles or cups could be used. • A large space marked out. Children should previously have had experience of: • Rolling a ball at a skittle like target from different distances. • Working within a set space. Ball collector bowlers...
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