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Subject Planning Sheet: ___PE ____________ Focus ____ROUNDERS ___ Class ___3T________ Lesson Learning Objective Activity Resources/ I.C.T. Assessment/Evaluation 1 and 2 To throw and catch a tennis ball. In 2’s, one child bowls, the other catches. Show the children how to bowl. Long arm, 3 steps, swing arm, let ball go when arm is long in front at waist height. To catch the ball, the children make a cup, let ball drop into it, and bring cup into body. Always have body behind the ball. Next get children to spread out. One child bowls, one child bats. Use flat wooden bats and tennis balls. Play fun games. MODIFIED: Short distance between bowler and catcher. If short of space to bat, have 2 fielders. EXTENSION: Introduce point scoring system, children make their own games up with markers for posts. 3 and 4 Throw over arm. Learn how to bat. Warm up – 2’s bowling and catching. Change to over arm throw and catch in 2’s. Over arm throw: Stand sideways, one foot in front of the other, bend arm, lead with elbow, step forward, throw, throwing arm points towards partner. Aim for the ball to be released in air, not
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rounders_planning_y3 - Subject Planning Sheet_PE Lesson...

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