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Kicking for distance Fielding Striking and Fielding games Scatterball hoo 4 How to play the game: The kicker kicks all 4 balls into a space. When all 4 balls have been kicked, the fielders should collect a  ball and run and put it into the hoop. While they are collecting the balls, the kicker should run around  the triangle as many times as s/he can before the balls are returned to the hoop. S/he must stop running  as soon as all balls are inside the hoop.  One of the fielders then becomes the kicker and s/he becomes a fielder.  Each child competes for themselves rather than for a team. The game could also be played using 
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Unformatted text preview: rounders markings Safety! 1. Ensure groups are set out well apart or in a fan shape (see TOPs guidance). 2. Remind children to be aware of other children running to avoid collisions. 3. Balls should be kicked along the ground so that children don’t get hit by flying balls. Equipment • 4 different balls • 2 cones • 1 hoop • A large space (preferably a playing field). Children should previously have had experience of: • Kicking for distance. • Fielding a ball and running with equipment • Using space and awareness of others when running....
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