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kicket - the teacher • If the ball is missed and enters...

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Kicket!!! Equipment Goal x1 Large Soft Ball x1 Bibs (enough for one each, 2 teams) Cones x2 (You can use cones to make the goal) How to set up Use whole hall space or large outdoor area. At one end place a small goal. Use rest of hall as fielding area. Each team has 4-5 players. Kicking/Batting team sit at the side out of the way. Fielding side spread out around the hall. Teacher stands in the middle on a cone. Cone placed to the right of the kicker for them to run around. Rules This game is based on the rules of quick cricket. If you hit the ball you must run around the cone on the right, each time a successful run is made you score one point. The teacher rolls or bounces the ball towards the goal. The kicker must then kick it into a space in the hall. Fielders must retrieve the ball and return it to
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Unformatted text preview: the teacher. • If the ball is missed and enters the goal the kicking player is then out and the next kicker in line has a turn. Kickers can also get out by the ball being caught in the air. • Fielders must try their hardest to return the ball to the teacher as fast as possible so that the teacher can try to get the kicker out before they return to the goal. • Points are scored every time a player makes one successful run around the cone. • The game is played until everybody on the kicking team has had a turn, the team’s then swap over roles. Team with the most amount of points win. • Remind children about fielding techniques and kicking into space....
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