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Subject: PE - Gam e s                                     Year Group: 4              Date:  Autumn  2 ‘05 Aim(s): play games with some fluency and accuracy, using a range of throwing and catching techniques; find ways of attacking successfully when using other skills; use a variety of simple tactics for attacking well, keeping possession of the ball as a team, and getting into positions to score; know the rules of the games; understand that they need to defend as well as attack; understand how strength, stamina and speed can be improved by playing invasion games; lead a partner through short warm-up routines; watch and describe others’ performances, as well as their own, and suggest practices that will help them and others to play better Objective(s) (For  each  ses sion) Activities Resources Assessment- Can  the  children: To develop the range and consistency of their skills To be able to pass the ball accurately in a variety of ways To recognise which activities help their speed, strength and stamina Warm up – 1 ball between 2, walk around with ball in a particular way – dribbling with feet, bouncing, throwing etc, on cue eg whistle ch must pass to ch without a ball continue – if dribbling, must kick etc. Stretches – focus on arms, shoulders and legs Main activity - In pairs how many different ways can you think of to pass the ball to partner – be adventurous. Share some
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unit_invasiongames_y3y4 - Subject: P E Ga m e s Year Group:...

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