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Short Term Planning Sheet Class: Unit of work: Basketball Date Learning Objectives Introduction Key Questions Vocabulary Groupings To understand the importance of a warm up. To introduce the “dribble” as a way of travelling with the ball. To introduce the “jump stop” as a way of stopping Briefly introduce a shooting activity. Incorporate these activities into a game situation What type of Game is basketball? How do you travel around the court? Vocab: Dribble, double dribble, Illegal Dribble. Jump stop, Ready position. What options do we have when we receive the ball? (Shoot, pass or dribble) Activities Warm up: Everyone has a ball. Tell the group to travel around the room bouncing the ball. Stop and add teaching point: Use fingers, not palm of hand, bounce the ball at waist height, and keep eyes up. Continue and on “whistle” or “command” change direction (Repeat several times) This is Dribbling. Activity 1: Ball each, dribble around hall and whilst doing so try to touch another person’s ball without losing possession. Repeat. Activity 2: Dribble and try to use your other hand, swap hands, alternate. Keep ball at waist height. Cannot use two hands at once (Illegal Dribble) or dribble again once two hands are on ball (Double Dribble) Activity 3: Into pairs on sideline of court. One ball between two, Dribble to other side, around a cone and back, when half way, jump stop and bounce pass ball to partner. Repeat x 3. Activity 4: Split class into two halves, one facing each basket, dribble down to basket and shoot. First team to score 5 baskets. Teaching points: Bend knees, aim for above the ring into the square and it should go in. Game: 5v 5 Keep reinforcing dribbling technique and non- contact.
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Resources Basketball each Basketball posts. Cones Bibs Plenary Recap on points in lesson. Double dribble, Illegal Dribble Non-contact. Other Activities / Differentiation Ball handling skills : Always hold ball tightly, although non-contact game the ball can be stolen. Make a “W” shape with hands on the ball. Called the ready position, knees bent eyes up. Roll ball around parts of body – feet, knees, waist, off back of head. Steal the tail : If group are sensible enough, give them a band to put down back of trousers (waistband). Dribble around hall and try to take someone else’s tail. Do not protect your own. Do not lose control of your ball. Person at end with most tails wins. Repeat. Steal the Ball: Dribble around the hall, which is coned off. Try to knock someone else’s ball out of the area without losing control of your ball. When out stay out, see who is left. Repeat. Shooting Competition.
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ja_basketball - Short Term Planning Sheet Class Learning...

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