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Shuffle Ball Equipment Mat x2 Soft Ball x1 Bibs (enough for one each) Bench x2 How to set up Use whole hall space. At either end turn bench on its side and place mat in front of it. Use rest of hall as play area. Each team has 4-5 players. One of these will be the goal keeper. Rules Each team has to try to throw the ball at the opposition’s bench. To score the ball must hit the face of the bench and bounce back. If the ball bounces over it is a missed shot and the goal keeper starts with the ball. All players must keep their bottom on the floor at all times. Players move by shuffling along the floor. If a player stands up or lifts off the
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Unformatted text preview: floor the other team gets a penalty shot. Goal keepers may stand but cannot move off the mat. • Players must not move with the ball. They must pass the ball before moving into a new space or position. • There is NO tackling. Defending players must give room for person with the ball; defending players may intercept passes to regain the ball. • Penalties are awarded for fouls or standing. Penalty taker has free shot in front of goal against the goal keeper. • (Optional) Everybody on the team must have been passed the ball before you can score. • (Optional) You can only shoot after the half way mark....
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