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Unformatted text preview: A Passing skills activity one and two one The key is for chn to realise to increase speed by accurate and strategic passing. 1. Chn work in pairs and start opposite each other inside cones by point A. 2. They work down towards goal passing it back and forth to each other 3. Make sure the person on the right passes to behind the person on the left so they can just ‘pick it up rather than have to use skills of twisting the stick as this will cause them to slow down 4. When the person on the left passes they aim the ball just in front of the person on the right 5. The person in possession of the ball when they reach the D takes a shot at the unmanned goal. 6. Repeat and swap two Introducing a defender 1. Partners pass ball as above 2. Introduce a defender. Allocate them a space they can move forward and back in (defend in). If the pair passing gets through this area then they defender cannot (defend in)....
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