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Ryan Garnsworthy 1 11/22/2011 Subject: PE / Dance Theme: Aerobic Dance Aims: For students to associate aerobic dance with a healthy lifestyle and as a tool to keeping fit. To develop some basic steps and begin to perform those steps in sequences. To introduce dance as a fun and multi-sex activity. Class: Grade 5/6 CSF Level: 4 CSF References: Health of individuals and populations 4.2 Plan and implement strategies to promote personal and environmental health and safety. Describe the ways in which people define their own and others’ identities. 4.2 Describe the ways in which people define their own and others’ identities. Movement and physical activity 4.1 Perform motor skills proficiently in complex skill development activities. 4.2 Identify strategies to encourage involvement in physical activity. Lesson Preparation: 10 bean bags, 5 hoola-hoops, Fast beat music (Aerobic music), CD player, Large step by step direction for the aerobic moves. Phase Activity Teaching/Safety Points Warm Up Steal from the Orchard Equipment: 7 to 10 beanbags, 5 Hoola-hoops Divide the class into 4 even teams Give each student a number. For example, if there are 7 in a team numbers go from 1 to 7 for each team. Teams are to line up behind their home base. The teacher or leader calls out a number. Only those students with the spoken number run to the orchard and steal a beanbag. They take the bag back to their home base and place it into the hoola-hoop. Once the student has done this they can steal a beanbag from any other teams’ base or from the orchard. The first student to get 3 bags in their teams’ base wins a point for the team. Diagram Orchard Home base Note: Students can only take one beanbag at a time. No other student can touch or help with getting the beanbags in the hoop. If the game is being won too quickly take away some bags to make the game more difficult. If the game is going too long you can add some bags to decrease difficulty. Make sure that every student gets a go. Introduction Aerobic Circuit (30 sec station) Steps Easy step Right step forward Left step forward Arms push out together Right step back Left step back Arms reach up. Students must bring full bottles of water. Leading Question: Do any of you dance out side of school? What do you do? What other types of dance are there?
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Ryan Garnsworthy 2 11/22/2011 Grapevine Take a wide step Right. Step the left behind the Right Step the Right foot to the Right Step the left foot in front of the Right foot. Clap Knee bend Legs shoulder width apart. Bend knees. Don’t go more than 90 degrees Lunge Start with feet together. Take one large step forward.
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RG_dance_lessonplans - Ryan Garnsworthy 1 Subject PE Dance...

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