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FishGame - running in current direction and sit down in...

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Fish Game Used sucessfully with all Key Stage 2 1. Children sit in a circle facing outwards 2. Each child given a name Cod Shrimp Crab Whale 3. Teacher calls out name of 1,2 or 3 fish – not 4 As this cause circle shape to be lost. Always start off in a clockwise direction 4. Teacher shouts out “The tide turns” children change direction. Repeat this several times 5. Teacher calls “The sea is calm” children keep
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Unformatted text preview: running in current direction and sit down in their original places Notes 1. Can be played just for fun as a warm up activity. 2. OR competitivey – Last person/people sit facing Inwards and take no further part in the game 3. A good game to modify – relate to current topic Eg Daffodil ) Snowdrop ) Spring/Plant topic Crocus ) Hyacinth ) “The winds blowing” - “It’s raining”...
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