rope_game - shoulder height and run it back over the heads...

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“The Rope Game”: Great warm up/lesson activity – children really enjoy this one – keeps everyone moving and paying attention all the time – great team game – good for coordination – works with whole class – suitable from Yr1 up Resources: 2 long skipping ropes – 2x2 short ones tied together work just as well Some cones/markers (optional) Arrange the Teams: Divide class into two teams Within teams, children get into pairs Arrange teams, cones and skipping ropes as below How to play: The first pair run forward and grab their skipping rope, one at each end. They drag it along the ground so that the rest of the team have to jump over it one pair at a time. When the last pair has jumped over the rope, the pair dragging the rope pull it taught, at
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Unformatted text preview: shoulder height, and run it back over the heads of their team-mates who simultaneously now crouch below the rope. The pair with the rope return it to it’s original position, tag the next pair and then join the back of the line. Keep going until all have had one or two turns – winners first team to all complete agreed number of turns, return rope to start and all sit down quietly. NB – careful playing indoors/on hard surface. I usually introduce this activity at slow walking pace before racing the teams. Skipping rope Cone/marker Child in “Red” team Child in “Yellow” team KEY: Children all face this direction...
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rope_game - shoulder height and run it back over the heads...

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