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Uplands Junior School MEDIUM TERM PLANS Class: 5LV DT Planning 2010 Term 1 Fairground Rides The focus of the unit is to design and make a model fairground ride, in which an electric motor produces a rotating movement. Key skills : communication using appropriate terminology, problem solving skills, practical modelling skills, design skills, team skills and making suggestions for improvements through evaluation of own work. Learning Objectives Tasks/Activities Vocabular y Resources Assessment Evaluation of lesson Session 1 Children can experiment with pulley wheels and drive belts to study rotational movement. Children demonstrate how the speed of rotation can change in a pulley train. Children demonstrate how a belt and pulley system can reverse the direction of rotation (by twisting the belt through 180 degrees). Whole class discussion - The teacher shows a selection of fairground photographs on the W/B and asks - Who here has been to a fun fair? What were your favourite rides? The teacher informs the children that over the next few weeks they will be making their own model fairground ride - choosing from 2 options - a big wheel and a carousel (this limits the rotational axis as horizontal or vertical). The fairground booklet that will be used to record the stages of ride-development is then shown to the children, with the first stages being explained before the children complete them. Main Task - using pulley wheels and elastic bands the children work through the first page of the booklet looking at the rotational movements of the pulley wheels. The children can play around with the wheels and elastic bands before coming together again to discuss what they have learned. Plenary: different children demonstrate rotational movements using the wheels and drive belts. Rotation, Ferris wheel, carousel, model, rotational movement, pulley wheels, drive belts. Fairground booklet, Photographs of rides, Q & A session throughout the lesson, Ability to discuss and demonstrate the use of pulleys and belts to aid rotation.
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Session 2 Children can begin to demonstrate an understanding of rotation in the vertical and horizontal plane. Children can start to use problem solving skills when thinking about design features for a model fairground ride.
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