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Date_____________________ Learning objective: To evaluate your own work. To identify any changes you would make if you repeated the task. 1. How well does your light work? 2. Will your light do the task you intended it to? 3. How can you improve it? 4. What do you need to change? Why? 5. How well does your switch work? 6. If you had the chance to make the light again what would you  change? Why? Design and Technology Lighting it up By ___________________ 1
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A Battery Powered Light Battery powered lights are lights that _________________________________ _________________________________ _____________________ Two battery powered lights I have seen are: These   battery   powered   lights   are   safer   children  because _____________________________ _________________________________ _____________________ Learning Objectives: To know that lights can be switched on and off. To know that lights are made out of a variety of  materials suited to a particular purpose. To know that lights are designed with a particular user  in mind.
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