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Unformatted text preview: • To kno w that lig hts are de s ig ne d with the To partic ular ne e ds o f the us e r in mind. p artic • To kno w that lig hts c an be s witc he d o n o r o ff To us ing a c o ntro l de vic e . us • To unde rs tand that lig hts are made o ut o f a To v arie ty o f mate rials s uite d to a partic ular purpo s e . p urpo Table lamp To rc h Mine rs lamp Wall lamp Cyc le lig ht Offic e lig ht Lante r n Table / o ffic e lamp Table / b e dro o m lamp Kitc he n lig ht Mo de rn Mo de rn Mo de rn Mo de rn Mo de rn Mo de rn Mo de rn 1950 s Vic to ria n lante rn Mo de rn 1900 s tyle Vic to rian lamp 1 940 - 1980 re tro -s tyle lamp • • • • • • • A lig ht to lig ht up dis plays A nig ht lig ht fo r a baby A s tude nt who ne e ds a lig ht at a table A s e c urity lig ht Kitc he n lig ht A lig ht fo r de c o ratio n Lig ht fo r hall ways and c o rrido rs • Night light for a living room • Bedroom • Outdoor • Garden • Conservatory • Office • Kitchen • Cafe • • • • Living room Sitting room Bedroom Hall way • F or a light to work there needs to be For a complete circuit with a switch. complete • The key features of a light are: bulb, The reflector, battery (source of energy), switch, wires and casing. switch, • Use this link to find out how the different parts of a Use circuit make a bulb light up in a torch circuit ...
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