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bridges_assessment - joining techniques apply what they...

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Outcomes know why it is necessary for structures to be stable I D E A s know how the examples of free-standing structures have been made to stand up by examining familiar or similar products identify component parts of the photograph frames and describe what each is for understand the principles of triangulation in simple structures compare bridges by talking about their features describe ways of making strong and stable structures F T P s know how to strengthen paper and card in different ways select and use appropriate
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Unformatted text preview: joining techniques apply what they have learnt through IDEAs/FPTs in their designing and making D M A suggest how they can make a bridge to fulfil brief show evidence of their learning in making a strong and stable bridge show design ideas through drawings with labels talk about their work and evaluate their bridge according to their design criteria Assessment Grid Unit 3D Bridges – Adapted from QCA Photograph frames Yr 3 Autumn Term...
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