air_raid_shelters - DT Autumn 2005 Shelters KEY QUESTIONS...

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Unformatted text preview: DT Autumn 2005 Shelters KEY QUESTIONS, IDEAS, (PROGRAMME OF STUDY) RESOURCES ACTIVITIES (INCLUDING ASSESSMENT) ATs/skills • What types of structures do we see around us and how are they suited to their purpose. What makes them strong? • Relate the way things are constructed, to their intended purpose • how components and materials have been used • record evaluations using words and diagrams • Look at any structures e.g. pergola,, roofs, umbrella, etc how are they constructed - are they strong, what makes them so? • discuss materials used in some of the structures. What properties do they have? Which of these would be needed for an air raid shelter? Look at cylinders and prisms - demo how they are stronger in one direction than the other. research, observation, evaluate current products • How to join and combine materials accurately in temporary and more permanent ways • How structures can fail and techniques to strengthen structures paper, cellotape, scissors card, wood, glue guns, saws, sawing blocks • challenge children to make a strong structure using 5 sheets of A4 paper and 0.5 metres of cellotape only - must take the weight of a large book. • Show how to make structures stronger using triangles and diagonal bracing. In pairs - have a go. **Safety - glue guns - check with NT joining, sawing, sanding, strengthening,...
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air_raid_shelters - DT Autumn 2005 Shelters KEY QUESTIONS...

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