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Oakway Junior School – Termly Plan Term Spring 1 Subject Design and Technology – Biscuits ABOUT THE UNIT This unit develops children’s skills, knowledge and understanding of food, building on the previous units in which children prepared food products using simple processes. The children learn how to adapt a basic recipe to develop a product with specified criteria. Investigation of existing products from all cultures will inform design ideas. This unit could be adapted by focusing on an alternative food product eg bread (see Unit 5B ‘Bread’), cakes, pizzas, crumbles or snack bars. In this unit, there are also opportunities to develop skills in market research, and data-handling or to develop a link with industry. This unit is an appropriate alternative to Unit 5B ‘Bread’. PRIOR LEARNING VOCABULARY RESOURCES It is helpful if the children have: experience of describing the characteristics of food skills in using equipment safely awareness of food hygiene used criteria to inform their design used simple evaluation techniques used weighing and measuring skills This units builds on Units 1C ‘Eat more fruit and vegetables’ and 3B ‘Sandwich snacks’. In this unit, children will use words and phrases related to: designing e.g. investigate, research, evaluate, brainstorm, consumer, quality, specification making e.g. combining, creaming, mixing, finishing, sandwiched, hygiene, antibacterial knowledge and understanding e.g. names of equipment and ingredients, names of products, quality control, texture, flavour, crisp, crunchy, sticky, soft dough, elastic dough range of different types of biscuits ingredients for basic recipes additional ingredients e.g. dried fruit, chocolate chips, food flavouring, oats, bran food equipment – mixing bowls, spoons, forks, knives, weighing scales, cups, chopping board, cutters, baking tray, cooling rack oven gloves, washing-up cloths, tea
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Biscuits_Planning_RB - Oakway Junior School Termly Plan...

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