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ice_lollies - DT Food Project healthy ice lollies Week 1...

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DT Food Project – healthy ice lollies Week 1 – taste different types of orange juice and squash. Evaluate these in terms of taste and health factors (discuss the nutrition information from the bottles and cartons). NB nutrition info may not all be in the same units. Week 2 – taste different flavours of fruit juices and evaluate for taste. Create a recipe for a healthy fruit lolly, thinking about favourite flavours and what flavours might go well together. Week 3 – mix ingredients and pour into lolly moulds. Share out and taste any of the mixture that won’t fit into moulds and evaluate taste. Put in school freezer. Week 4 – eat and evaluate lollies based on flavour, texture and appearance. Week 5 – create posters and other advertising materials for lollies.
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WALT: evaluate potential ingredients for a food product Taste each type of orange drink and decide which is your favourite. Give the drinks a taste score from 1 to 4 where 1 is your favourite and 4 is your least favourite.
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