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CivilWar (2) - The Civil War (1861-1865) Through Maps,...

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Unformatted text preview: The Civil War (1861-1865) Through Maps, Charts, Graphs & Pictures Susan M. Pojer Susan Horace Greeley HS Chappaqua, NY North vs. South in 1861 North North South Advantages ? ? Disadvantages ? ? Rating the North & the South Rating Slave/Free States Population, 1861 Population, Railroad Lines, 1860 Railroad Resources: North & the South Resources: The Union & Confederacy in 1861 The Men Present for Duty in the Civil War in Ohio Military Service Ohio Soldiers’ Occupations: North/South Combined North/South Immigrants Immigrants as a % as of a State’s Population in 1860 The Leaders of the Confederacy The Pres. Jefferson Davis VP Alexander Stevens The Confederate “White House” The The Confederate Seal The MOTTO “With God As Our Vindicator” MOTTO A Northern View of Jeff Davis Northern Overview Overview of the North’s Civil War Strategy: “Anaconda ” Plan The “Anaconda” Plan The Lincoln’s Generals Lincoln’s Winfield Scott Irwin McDowell George McClellan McClellan Joseph Hooker Ambrose Burnside Ulysses S. Grant George Meade George McClellan, Again! McClellan: I Can Do It All! Can The Confederate Generals The “Stonewall” Jackson Nathan Bedford Nathan Forrest Forrest George Pickett Jeb Stuart James Longstreet Robert E. Lee Battle of Bull Run (1st Manassas) (1 July, 1861 The Battle of the Ironclads, The March, 1862 The Monitor vs. the Merrimac Damage on the Deck of the Monitor Damage Buy Your Way Out of Military Service Military War in the East: 1861-1862 War Battle of Antietam Battle “Bloodiest Single Day of the War” September 17, 1862 23,000 casualties Emancipation in 1863 Emancipation The The Emancipation Proclamation The Southern View of Emancipation The African-American Recruiting Poster African-American The Famous 54th Massachusetts The August Saint-Gaudens Memorial to Col. Robert Gould Shaw Col. African-Americans African-Americans in Civil War Battles Black Troops Freeing Slaves Black Extensive Legislation Passed Extensive Without the South in Congress 1861 – Morrill Tariff Act 1862 – Homestead Act 1862 – Legal Tender Act 1862 – Morrill Land Grant Act 1862 – Emancipation Proclamation (1/1/1863) 1863 – Pacific Railway Act 1863 – National Bank Act The War in the West, 1863: 1863: Vicksburg The Road to Gettysburg: 1863 The Gettysburg Casualties Gettysburg The North Initiates the Draft, 1863 1863 Recruiting Irish Immigrants in NYC Recruiting Recruiting Blacks in NYC Recruiting NYC Draft Riots, (July 13-16, 1863) (July NYC Draft Riots, (July 13-16, 1863) (July A “Pogrom” Against Blacks “Pogrom” Inflation in the South Inflation The Progress of War: 1861-1865 The Sherman’s Sherman’s “March to the Sea” through Georgia, 1864 1864 Election 1864 Pres. Lincoln (R) George McClellan (D) The Peace Movement: Copperheads The Clement Vallandigham 1864 Copperhead Campaign Poster Poster Cartoon Lampoons Democratic Copperheads in 1864 Copperheads Presidentia Presidentia l Election Election Results: Results: 1864 1864 The Final Virginia Campaign: The 1864-1865 Surrender at Appomattox Surrender April 9, 1865 Casualties on Both Sides Casualties Civil War Casualties Civil in Comparison to Other Wars Ford’s Theater (April 14, 1865) (April The Assassin The John Wilkes Booth The Assassination The WANTED~~!! WANTED~~!! Now He Belongs to the Ages! Now The Execution The ...
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