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ClosingTheWesternFrontier - Essential Questions Essential 1...

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Unformatted text preview: Essential Questions Essential 1. What national issues emerged in the process of closing the western frontier? 2. Why does the West hold such an important place in the American imagination? 3. In what ways is the West romanticized in American culture? Key Tensions Key Native Americans Cattlemen Ranchers Buffalo Hunters Railroads U. S. Government Sheep Herders Farmers Key Tensions Key Ethnic Minorities Nativists Big Business Interests [mining, timber] Local Govt. Officials Farmers Buffalo Hunters Environmentalists Lawlessness of the Frontier “Civilizing” Forces [The “Romance” of the West] Railroad Construction Railroad “The Big Four” Railroad The Magnates Magnates Charles Crocker Collis Collis Huntington Huntington Mark Hopkins Leland Stanford Promontory Point, UT Promontory (May 10, 1869) The Bronc Buster The Frederick Remington Black Cowboys Black Colt .45 Revolver Colt God didn’t make men equal. Colonel Colt did! Legendary Gunslingers & Train Robbers Robbers Jesse James Billy the Kid Dodge City Peace Commission, 1890 Commission, Prospecting Prospecting Mining Centers: 1900 Mining Anaconda Copper Mining Co. (MT) (MT) Mining (“Boom”) Towns-Mining Now Ghost Towns Calico, CA The The Cattle Trails Land Use: 1880s Land New Agricultural Agricultural Technology Steel Plow [“Sod Buster”] “Prairie Fan” Water Pump Barbed Wire Barbed Joseph Joseph Glidden Glidden The Range Wars The Sheep Herders Cattle Ranchers Regional Population Distribution Distribution by Race: 1900 Regional Population Distribution Distribution by Race: 1900 Black Black “Exoduster” Homestead ers Blacks Moving West Blacks The Buffalo Soldiers on the Great Plains Plains A Romantic View Romantic The Buffalo Soldiers & the Indian Wars Wars The “Chinese Question” The Exclusion Act (1882) Exclusion - Oriental Exclusion Act - Chinese Exclusion Act The Tong Wars: 1850s-1920s The Began in San Francisco in 1875. Began African American & Chinese African Populations: 1880-1900 Frontier Settlements: 1870Frontier 1890 Homesteads From Public Lands Homesteads 1887 1887 Land Promotion Poster for the Dakota Territories What is the Message of this Picture? Picture? The Realty--A Pioneer’s Sod House, SD House, Rain Follows the Plow! Rain Frederick Jackson Turner Frederick The Significance of the Frontier The in American Society (1893) in (1893) Newlands Reclamation Act (1902) (1902) Francis Newlands Treaty of Ft. Laramie (1851) Treaty Colorado Gold Rush (1859) Colonel John Chivington Colonel Kill and scalp all, big and Kill little! little! Sandy Creek, CO Massacre November 29, 1864 Capt. William J. Fetterman Capt. 80 soldiers massacred December 21, 1866 2nd Treaty of Ft. Laramie (1868) Ft. Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek (1867) Lodge Reservation Policy Gold Found in the Black Hills of the Dakota Territory! Territory! The Battle of Little Big Horn Horn 1876 Gen. George Armstrong Armstrong Custer Custer Chief Sitting Bull Chief Joseph I will fight no more forever! fight Nez Percé tribal Nez retreat (1877) retreat Geronimo, Apache Chief: Hopeless Cause Hopeless Helen Hunt Jackson Helen A Century of Dishonor (1881) Susette La Flesche Susette Omaha Indian lecture tour on Native Omaha American issues in the 1870s American Dawes Severalty Act (1887): (1887): Assimilation Policy Carlisle Indian School, PA Arapahoe “Ghost Dance”, 1890 1890 Chief Big Foot’s Lifeless Body Body Wounded Knee, SD, 1890 Indian Reservations Today Indian Crazy Horse Monument: Crazy Black Hills, SD Lakota Chief Korczak Ziolkowski, Sculptor Korczak Crazy Horse Monument His vision of the finished His memorial. memorial. Mt. Rushmore: Black Hills, SD Mt. The Traditional View of the West West William “Buffalo Bill” Cody’s Wild West Show Show “Buffalo Bill” Cody & Sitting Buffalo Bull Bull Legendary Female Western Characters Characters Calamity Jane Annie Oakley The Fall of the Cowboy The Frederick Remington Destruction of the Buffalo Herds Herds The near extinction of the buffalo. Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone First national park First established in 1872. established National Parks National Conservation Movement Conservation John Muir With President With Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Sierra Club Sierra Founded in 1892 ...
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