Abolitionofthenationalbank labo r unre s t 1870 1900

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Unformatted text preview: injury to one is the concern of all! Go als o f the Knig hts o f Labo r ù Eight­hour workday. ù Workers’ cooperatives. ù Worker­owned factories. ù Abolition of child and prison labor. ù Increased circulation of greenbacks. ù Equal pay for men and women. ù Safety codes in the workplace. ù Prohibition of contract foreign labor. ù Abolition of the National Bank. Labo r Unre s t: 1870-1900 The Gre at Railro ad S trike o f 1877 Haymarke t Rio t (1886) McCormick Harvesting Machine Co. Haymarke t Martyrs The Ame ric an Fe de ratio n o f Labo r: 1886 Samuel Gompers Ho w the AF o f L Wo uld He lp the Wo rke rs ù Catered to the skilled worker. ù Represented workers in matters of national legislation. ù Maintained a national strike fund. ù Evangelized the cause of unionism. ù Prevented disputes among th...
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