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Unformatted text preview: Industrialization Industrialization M. Siebert Building the 1st Transcontinental Railroad Railroad Pacific Railway Act of 1862 – U.S. Government hired Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railway Company to extend railways across the United States. Central Pacific – Started in Sacramento, CA Union Pacific – Started in Omaha, NE The 2 railroad companies met in Promontory, Utah to drive the “Golden Spike” on May 10, 1869 Promontory, Utah May 10, 1869 Promontory, The Workers The Majority of workers were Chinese and Irish immigrants The working conditions for all, was very poor and strenuous! The working conditions were tough because of the difficult terrain and weather conditions Who did the Railroad Impact? Who Native Americans (called it the Iron Horse) Helped Westward expansion Made trade much easier Hurt the farmers economically because of the higher costs for farm...
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